Learned the hard way: Windows XP restore on netbook (with broken screen, cheap cheap cheap on Craigslist) requires working primary screen for XP registration.  At least I can get a new screen on ebay.  And it appears Windows 7 doesn’t have this problem (will find out soon).  Linux works, but it’s ugly.  Hackintosh would probably work if I could be bothered.

Knew this one already: if you sell a computer on Craigslist, wipe the hard drive first, because you may not sell it to someone as honest as I am.  (If you buy a computer on Craigslist, see if there’s anything interesting there before restoring it.  Like, say, MP3s, or maybe documents with bank logins!)

Any software you get on a purchased computer, that does not include the original disks, is stolen.  And may be virus-infected or configured badly or just plain unnecessary.  So pretty much any computer you buy should be restored to factory settings if possible.  Windows makes this a royal horrible pain in the tuchas.  With OSX it’s simple.

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