Blog Action Day – Environment

I drive an SUV; the smallest I could get that would still tow a trailer. If I could have bought or converted to biodiesel and filled up with used french-fry grease, I would; and I still may someday. My wife drives a 10-year old Taurus; she'd really like to replace it with a hybrid but they're expensive and of dubious environmental benefit.

I'd like to consume less, and I'm trying. I recycled two computers this weekend that were headed for the landfill – they're being used again. And I resisted buying another one (so far). I'd also like to be able to buy products with less packaging and clearer information about content and recycling.

My local trash company, Waste Management, still makes us separate glass, aluminum, and paper products and isn't really clear about what is and isn't reprocessed. Until we get matter disintegrators, we should at least have aggregated recycling – everything dry goes in one big bucket, the processing facility sorts it out. This would also (somewhat) discourage homeless people digging through the recycling bins, “cherry picking” the aluminum to the recycling company loses money on the operation.

I watched Who Killed the Electric Car, and An Inconvenient Truth, and was convinced by both of them. I still feel that as individuals we're becoming less and less powerful against the government, multinational corporations, and PACs (as well as the Bavarian Illuminati) – so knowing about these problems and being able to force change to solve them may take a lot of inertia.

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