Went to the Del Mar Fair this weekend, and in the hawker’s pavilion there was an AT&T booth.  Good size, well staffed, fairly small amount of product – and no iPhone.

They’re selling the most popular phone on the market – the one everyone wants (yes, I exaggerate), and the one that all the other phone makers want to copy (this one I think is more true).  Why don’t you have it on display?  Why do you treat it like the red-headed stepchild?

And why, if I have my cellphone, internet/cable TV, and home phone are all on their services, can’t I get a single bill, like they promised when I signed up?  In fact, they seem to be unable to get be a Uverse bill online at all.  They’re good at getting the late notices out to me, but the actual invoices not so much.

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